Every year the Kraisinger/Clarkson Frisbie service award is presented at the Pratt County Fair.

It takes untold volunteer hours to make the Pratt County Fair a success. Every year, the Kraisinger/Clarkson Frisbie service award is presented to those that have given of themselves selflessly for the fair.
Mike and Kay Sewell were chosen as the 2019 recipients for years of service.
Kay said they grew up with 4-H in the Southwest Club where their son Brian Sewell was a member. Their other son David was also in 4-H. She volunteered in different areas. Mike wasn’t involved with 4-H at first but Kay’s dad was a beef superintendent so it was only a matter of time before Mike would become part of the 4-H family.
“I told Brian he could show cattle and that broke Mike in,” Kay said. “It’s a family project.”
One of the best parts of being in 4-H is that families help families, Mike said.
Mike and Kay have spent decades helping out at the fair. Being involved helped them become friends to all the kids. Its been fun watching the kids grow up and now watching their kids grow up in 4-H, Kay said.  
Getting involved with 4-H is a great training program. It makes a good impression on a job application.  Being in 4-H helps improve speaking skills. Those skills are obvious in meetings, Mike said.
Kay and Mike started volunteering for fair committees and helping with cleanup. They continued to get involved and eventually Kay became the first female fair board president. Kay learned a lot from all the good folks involved in 4-H and Jean Clarkson-Frisbie was a good mentor, Kay said.
When a tornado tore across the fairgrounds in May of 2012 and destroyed the exhibition hall and the kitchen building, Kay served on the committee in charge of coming up with the new fair building.
“I was building superintendent in the old building,” Kay said.
The new facilities have been an amazing improvement for the Pratt County Fair.
Mike summed up their involvement with 4-H with a simple reason.
“Why not,” Mike said. “You just do whatever needs to be done.”