Cattle buyers and sellers from several states packed Pratt Livestock on Thursday for a special sale.

Sold, sold, sold rang out a lot at Pratt Livestock on Aug. 1 during a special grass fed only cattle sale for steers and heifers. At the end of the day, from 7,500 to 7,600 head of livestock crossed the floor scale and headed out the door for feedlots across Kansas and other states, said Bob Wilkey, Pratt Livestock office manager.
“We had a great sale with a lot of outstanding cattle,” Wilkey said.
The first group of cattle hit the sale ring at 8 a.m. Wilkey said it would take several hours to get everything sold but he wasn’t certain exactly how long it would take to complete the sale because of how the cattle move, how long it takes to get cattle in and out of the sale barn and even temperature has a part to play in how fast a sale moves, Wilkey said.
The bulk of the sellers were from Kansas and Oklahoma. The license tags on the vehicles in the parking lot were testament to the draw for this special event with tags from across the state and even a few from out of state including Oklahoma and Nebraska.
This was a special grass feeder sale for yearling steers and heifers only that were coming off grass. No cows, bulls or calves were sold.
This was the first time Pratt Livestock had conducted a dedicated sale like this. Owner Mark Winter had thought about this for some time and put out feelers to various producers. The idea grew from there and Winter and Wilkey decided to have a special auction for grass feeder cattle and do it all in one day, Wilkey said.
The usual in-house and online buyers, who saw each group of cattle via a live camera feed, were on hand to fill orders from the various feedlots including ones in western Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and Texas. A few additional buyers were on hand for this special sale, Wilkey said.
Rows of semi cattle trucks lined the parking lot as they waited to load up and head across the country.
The sale was halted briefly for a special ceremony to induct four men, including Mike Lewis, Pratt Livestock manager, to the 2019 Cattle Marketing Hall of Fame.
Another special moment occurred when former Pratt Livestock auctioneer Stenson Clontz took the microphone and sold several lots.