The results are in for all 4-H and open class exhibits from the 2019 Pratt County Fair (found in Saturday's 8-10-19 edition of The Pratt Tribune) last month, but one lucky quilt auction winner is still celebrating.

People tend to get excited at auctions. The auctioneer calls for bids and when something goes up for sale that more than one person covets, the bidding can get intense.
For Martha Wade, when the theme quilt for the 2018 Pratt County Fair went up for auction at the 2019 4-H Family Night she was determined to have the highest bid for a very special reason.
On Tuesday, July 23, Wade's first grandchild, Oaksen Wade, was born. So when the quilt was put up for auction two days later, Wade wanted the quilt as a gift for her very special grandson.
As 4-H Ambassadors displayed the quilt around the arena and bids were flying, Wade kept her bid going until there were no higher bids and the auctioneer called out "Sold!"
Wade was ecstatic and declared she bought the quilt for the new baby Wade. The price, $950, didn't matter.
Besides getting the quilt for her first grandchild, Wade liked the 2018 theme of the quilt, "Oh, The Places You'll Go." Wade said she thought about what had happened in her life time and wondered what would happen during Oaksen's life and the places he will go.
"I really liked the theme. I wonder what will happen in the next 50 years for him," Wade said.
The quality of the quilt also impressed Wade.
"The quilt was spectacular," Wade said.
The majority of the blocks in the quilt were made by people in the community. Wade knows most of the quilters involved in making the quilt and that was another reason she was happy to get the quilt. Sue Buhler put the pieces together on the backing, Sharon Winklepleck did the quilting and then the binding was attached.
"It's labor intensive for any size quilt," Wade said.
The quilt has not been delivered yet. Wade is working on a special presentation book and when that is done, baby Wade will get his special quilt.
Money raised from the quilt auction goes to the Fair Association and used to purchase items for the exhibition hall.
Wade is not the first to purchase the quilt for family members. For several years, the late Mildred Eubank bought the quilts for her children. Eubank passed away May 11, 2019 at age 95.
The Theme Quilt was not the only thing on the auction block on Family Night. Every year, food judges select winning items in three categories: Speciality Yeast Bread, Pie, Cake. The winning items go up for auction with the 4-Her getting the proceeds. Alesha Bergner had two of the three winning items. She received $550 from Parkwood Village for her apple pie and $500 for her honey comb cake from Charles Riffey. Brett Atteberry's cinnamon rolls were tops in the speciality yeast bread category and the guys in the beef barn purchased two pans of rolls for $500.
All in all, it was an auction to remember for a very happy grandmother and for 4-Hers that are very good cooks.