USD 382 Pratt has a new showcase for treasured teachers and memorialized patrons and graduates.

A collection of commemorative bricks has found a permanent home at Pratt High School.
On Aug. 8, a group of workers  from the Pratt Public School Foundation, Younie Landscaping and J.A. Knight and Sons installed a pair of brick holders on the support walls at the front entrance of PHS.
Once installed, the display frames were filled with commemorative bricks featuring the names of past graduates, faculty, staff, administration and teachers of the year.
The installation of the new display marks the end of a journey for the commemorative bricks that started shortly after the construction of the current high school building.
Pratt Public School Foundation organized a fund raiser featuring commemorative bricks for $100 apiece. The Foundation used the funds to create grants for classroom teachers. Each year the foundation gives $400 grants to teachers. Teachers must apply for the grants and if they are chosen, the money goes toward supplies, projects or activities, said Kay Knight, past president of the Foundation and the driving force for brick display project.
Originally, the bricks were on display in the courtyard but very few people got to see them in that location. So the bricks were moved to the front of the high school and placed on display on the ground next to the sidewalk but the Foundation didn’t like that design and it was inconvenient to add new bricks. The Foundation a display where the bricks would be easy to see and new bricks could be added easily and quickly, Knight said.
On the morning of Aug. 8, members of the foundation, working with workers from Younie Landscaping and using equipment donated by J.A. Knight and sons, worked in the rain to install the frame and put the bricks into place, Knight said.
The metal frame, manufactured by K.I.T.S. Manufacturing, features access pins at the top of each column that can easily be removed and more bricks added. Right now, there are around 250 bricks on display in the frame that can hold 320.
The commemorative brick project is on going.
“We’re working towards getting more bricks. When they are available, they will be added to the wall,” Knight said.
Installation of the new display is the culmination of a dream Knight wanted to fulfill while she was president of the foundation. Knight has recently turned over the president job to Don Buhler.
“I really wanted to get this completed before my tenure was up,” Knight said. “I’m very elated to see its completion. Its something we’ve (Foundation) been working on for a long time.”
Bricks can be ordered at the USD 382 website. Go to District Office and select “Pratt Public School Foundation” then click on Bricks for Building Better Schools. Click on the order form link then follow the instructions to fill out the form. Be sure to scroll down the entire order form to the bottom to see the logos also available on the bricks with only one logo per brick. Once complete, drop the form off at any USD 382 location or mail it to: Pratt Public School Foundation, P.O. Box 121, Pratt, KS 67124.