Pratt area wrestlers complete opportunity to work with state champion teachers on the mat.

Last Saturday, August 3rd, Beau Tillman held the State Champ Camp for wrestlers. As the title says, multiple past PHS state champs were there to assist. 3 time champ Dylan Pelland, state champs Devon Weber and Asher Riner, and runner-up Kadence Riner all volunteered. About 11 kids attended between the ages of 7 and 17.
The camp started at 9:30 a.m., then there was a break at 11 a.m. for a cookout and games, then they finished by 4 p.m. Throughout the camp, the wrestlers worked on positioning as well as offensive and counter attacks. They also went on to discuss the mental aspect of wrestling.
“We also touched on mindset training and ways to recognize distractions that can take us off the path in wrestling, school, and life as well as the elements we can control on the mat during a match which are effort, attitude, and aggressiveness not winning and losing,” said Tillman.
Tillman also mentioned why he thinks the camp is helpful to the young wrestlers.
“Although it takes more than a one day camp to reach mastery, it only takes one moment to make a career and life changing impact on a student and their perspective. I believe our camps have that special ingredient.”
Unfortunately, Tillman believes this will be the State Champ Camps last year, but still wants to host different camps in the future.
“I feel it's time to promote bringing in big name guys and girls and fresh looks to get our kids and others excited for summer participation!  I'm talking an NCAA champion, Olympian, World Team member, etc.  Pratt Wrestling Club has the resources and tenacity to make something like that happen!”
Originally, he wanted the camp to encourage more wrestlers to come out to work with the most recognized PHS wrestlers and to bring the community together, but Tillman just hasn’t seen that happen.
“On the same token, I've recently resigned as PHS assistant wrestling coach, taking a stance on personal beliefs and what makes me my best version and that of others.  Anytime someone or something causes you to lose interest in the things you're passionate about means it's time to separate yourself and focus energy on areas that build you up and promote a growth mindset,” said Tillman, “For now I plan to channel my energy to help others on a broader scale.”
However, if PWC wants him to help with camps in the future, he will be more than happy to.