Outstanding wrestlers named from Pratt Wrestling Club.

Although they finished their season back in March, the Pratt Wrestling Club held their end of the year awards picnic and pool party on Thursday, August 8.
The picnic takes place every year to recognize wrestlers for their achievements throughout the season. It’s a great way to give the kids a pat on the back and reward them for their hard work they put in during the long season.
Each age group has three different award categories: outstanding newcomer, most improved and outstanding wrestler. In the 6U age group Ryker Prader and Garrett Detwiler both received outstanding newcomer, Gannon Craft and Jameson Grizzell got most improved, and Noah Ricke and Blyze Birdsong were awarded outstanding wrestler.
Moving on to the 8U kids, Vence Van DeVyver and Braxton Cash got outstanding newcomer, Teagan Richardson and Jace Feril received most improved and Austin Cruce and Anthony Cox got outstanding wrestler.
Only one wrestler received the awards for outstanding newcomer and most improved in the 10U age group: Ethan Riggs and Xavier Pedroza, respectively. Both Tell Thomas and James Greenleaf were awarded outstanding wrestler.
Hudson Rector, a 12U wrestling, won both the outstanding newcomer and most improved, while Taye Wilson, Blake Winsor and Logan Copus received outstanding wrestler. In the final age group, 14U, Caden McCandless got most improved and Dylan Gantz and Koda Dipman won outstanding wrestler. PWC also gives an outstanding wrestler award to one high school wrestler and Tarrant Young won it this year.
This year 13 kids qualified for state compared to only 9 last year, and three of them placed: Koda Dipman places 3rd, Noah Cox got 5th, and Taye Wilson got 6th.
The club also gives awards for the group of kids that get Elite Wrestler status. To earn Elite wrestler the kids have to complete a series of physical tests. They have to do 20 pull ups, 100 pushups, 10 wall climbers, 500 jump ropes in 5 minutes, 2 minute wall sit 2 mile run, 50 sit ups in 1 minutes, 100 shots on a dummy. They also have to make 2 long term goals and 6 short term goals as well as have a 3.0 GPA or higher and complete some kind of community service. This is the third season PWC has done this and seven wrestlers made the cut: Logan Copus, Christian Cupples, James Greenleaf, Caden McCandless, Jayce Feril, Tell Thomas, and Taye Wilson.
The club also gives out a scholarship to a graduating senior who was a part of the club and continued to wrestle throughout high school. This year, Kadence Riner was awarded the $250 scholarship.
The most select individual awards were given to three different wrestlers. Logan Copus earned most pins over the season with 24. James Greenleaf won overall most inspirational while Taye Wilson got overall most outstanding.