Fruit crops have gone overboard this year, including peaches.

Most years, the answer to that question is fairly easy. The Western slope of Colorado has long been known for its delicious peaches and many local residents have purchased this imported fruit for years and years.
However, the Kansas-grown peaches I have sampled this year are just as delicious as anything Colorado has to offer. My wife has brought home from work a couple bunches of peaches grown right here in Pratt. They taste as good as they look.
Perhaps this year’s bumper crop of peaches is due to the ample rainfall we received earlier in the spring and summer. Whatever the reason, it’s something to be thankful for
Kansas peaches are smaller, sure, but they’re just as juicy and sweet as those coming from our neighboring state’s orchards.
Of course, we bought a box of Colorado peaches, like we do every year, and they are scrumptious, as always. However, if you are unable to visit the peach sellers this year or otherwise your pocketbook is little tight right now, no worries. You probably have a neighbor, relative or a friend who is more than willing to share if you’re willing to pick.
There are plenty of local peaches ripening on branches right now and certainly a few that are ready to eat.
Now is a good time to enjoy a taste of Kansas before the birds pick over the best of the crop.