Pratt's Main Street was temporarily home for more than 22 corvettes on Saturday as drivers from the Central Kansas Corvette Corporation enjoyed a meal at Club D'Est.

Traffic slowed down and in some cases came to a complete stop as people driving in the 100 block of South Main on Saturday took time to photograph and make a video record of a row of corvettes that took up the entire west side of block in Pratt.
The corvettes, some older, some very new, belonged to the Central Kansas Corvette Corporation that had come to Pratt to enjoy a meal at the Club D’Est, said Greg Gordon, vice president of the chapter.
The group does a “Drive and Dine” once a month where members travel together to a destination, usually within an hour to an hour and 15 minutes, to a restaurant in south central Kansas where they enjoy a meal and the pleasure of each others company, Gordon said.
“We just enjoy getting out,” Gordon said.
Before the club goes on a Drive and Dine, they research their destination to make sure they have a restaurant that can accommodate at least 50 people. Two weeks before the drive, a small group will travel to the restaurant to check it out in person and sample the food. That is what they did for the Pratt drive and for the Club D’Est.
There were 44 members that traveled in 22 cars to Pratt on Aug. 17. Some of the older cars range from 1963-1967. Some of the newer cars are in the late 2010s.
On a couple of occasions, the club has ventured out further, taking trips to Colorado and to Branson, Mo. Some members have traveled to Bowling Green, Ky. to the assembly plant that features a test track and members get to drive the course.
The club started in 1968 and there are about 80 members. The bulk of the club members are from Reno County but they do have a few from Salina, Lyons, McPherson and Stafford. Anyone who owns a corvette is invited to enjoy the organization. The organization is part of the National Corvette Owners Association.
Coming up for the group is a trip to the Hutchinson Rod Run where 250 cars are expected to attend on Oct. 4-5.
Gordon said the group was excited about the 2020 corvette that has recently been announced. It will feature a mid engine design where the engine is located directly behind the driver. Orders are now being taken for the car, Gordon said.
Corvette wants to have a car that can compete with the Ford GT and the Ferrari. They are going for a European look, Gordon said.
Dennis and Ruth Teichman of Stafford are members of the club with a 1989 corvette. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get their corvette started so they had to make the ride in their Cadillac. Dennis said they got involved with the organization about three or four years ago and have done the Drive and Dine three or four times.
“Its a fun deal,” Dennis said.
The corvettes travel together and sometimes when the get to a town, traffic will stop and allow them to drive through as a group, Gordon said.