Pratt Greenback band members have new uniforms, some students will be trying new classes like Geometry in Construction at the high school level, and at all levels of the district, new teachers are stepping in to lead USD 382 students, alongside returning educators, on a quest for learning.
"I love the excitement of the kids to be back at school," said Superintendent Tony Helfrich. "It's going to be a great year."
New teachers and staff members for the Greenbacks this year (and the buildings where they are based) include the following:

SW--Kay Ahrens (Special Education); returning from retirement

SW--Emma Chrismer

SW Kourtenay Sherwood (1st grade)

SW--Ariane Moore (4th grade)

SW--Heather Skaggs (3rd grade); transferring from Special Education and SCKSEC

LMS--Sandy Foster (7th Grade Reading and English); returning from early retirement

LMS--Caleb Hendricks (5th grade Math)

LMS--Ryan Creadick (LMS Principal),

PHS--Shaphan Staats (JAG sponsor); hired through JAG-K program which is part of a state grant.

PHS--Erika Householter (Special Education)

PHS--Jacob Schaefer (Science),

PHS--Brent Hoelting (Weights); Head PHS Football Coach

PHS--Rayna Bolen (Art),

Helfrich said all teachers and staff in the district were ready to get into the groove for the new school year earlier this week.
“We have great staff, lots of returning people with lots of experience,” Helfrich said.