Pratt city commissioners approve movie at the park and curbing/sidewalk projects at Monday meeting.

Entertainment approvals and city beautification bids topped the agenda of Pratt city commissioners at their meeting Monday, August 19.
City Manager Bruce Pinkall shared information about a ‘Movie in the Park’ night, proposed by Dwight Crosby of the Pratt Theater Group.
“I’ve had a talk with Dwight and they want to have an outdoor movie at the south llama-land area at Lemon Park, like  we did with the Young Professionals group some time back,” Pinkall said. “Crosby would like the city to spray for mosquitoes and provide some e xtra trash recepticles. They will have concessions as part of the movie night.”
Pinkall led a discussion on parking issues with commissioners that might arise for the event.
“If they park on the edge of the road there that can get kind of rough,” Pinkall said. “We would need encourage parking along the west edge there, but put up some barriers so we don’t get too far south.”
Public Works Director Russ Rambatt said he favored an approval for the event even though the organizer, Crosby, was not present at the meeting.
“It’s not going to affect other park activities any and this way we can have that area reserved and make plans,” Rambatt said.
Rambatt presented commissioners with bid information from two area contractors for work on the 2019 curb, sidewalk and ADA ramps project. The commission accepted the low bid for the project of $56,339.75 from Brian Aresndorf Construction. The other bidder was Robert Smiley Concrete.
The project would include removing a grass strip south of the city fire station and replacing it with 12 slotted parking places.
“These projects are not just little pieces here and there around town,” said Pinkall. “They are connecting other projects for not just beautification of the city, but also for improvement of quality of life overall in Pratt.”
Rambatt also presented information about an overlay projects that would fix broken out and rough streets at three locations.
“I’d like to get some work done on E. Third Street, on Rochester from Third to Sixth Street, along S. Pine from Sixth on south, and on Fincham Street out by Walmart,” Rambatt said. “If we can fix these overlays it will extra the life of those streets 10-15 years.”
Commissioners approved the single bid that came in on the project from APAC Shears Division, Hutchinson, for a total of $127,322.32.
In other business, commissioners:
* heard that the public swimming pool would be closed for the season on September 2, as usual
* were updated by Building Inspector Brad Blankenship on the involvement of KDHE in yard cleanup for a property under surveillance by the city for trash buildup
* heard that City Police Chief Nate Humble had increased patrols around school zones with hopes to educate drivers early in the school season, and to monitor drop-offs and pick-up in the SouthWest Elementary neighborhood.