No one was injured in house fire at 615 West Blaine on Tuesday.

A destroyed mattress, some burned curtains and a lot of smoke and soot on the ceiling were the result of a house fire Tuesday night in Pratt.
Delbert Holmquist discovered smoke in his house when he returned to his residence at 615 West Blaine around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night.
When Pratt firefighters entered the house, they discovered a mattress and box springs on fire in a bedroom as well as some curtains. Pratt Fire Chief David Kramer said the fire was very small and firefighters had it out with about a 30 second burst of water.
Firefighters were at the scene for about an hour and 15 minutes making sure all the hot spots were out and clearing as much smoke as possible out of the house.
Because of the damage to the bed, the cause of the fire is unknown but it did start on the bed. Kramer said he estimated damage from $8,000 to $12,000 and there was nothing suspicious about the origin of the fire.
Besides the fire and smoke damage in the bedroom, there was also smoke throughout the rest of the house. No one was injured in the fire.