Dwane and Sue DeWeese of Pratt County have been named one of the state's best farm families of the year.

They are just trying to make their community better. That’s the philosophy of Dwane and Sue DeWeese who have just been named one of several Kansas Farm Bureau “Farm Families of the Year.”
Dwane said it was an unexpected honor and he appreciates the recognition.
The DeWeeses have been involved with the Farm Bureau for many decades. Both Dwane and Sue have served on the Board of Directors in different capacities including both serving as president. They, along with American Ag Credit and T&W Meats, have sponsored the hamburger feed at the Pratt County Fair, have helped sponsor the pedal pull and purchased animals at the fair. They have also helped run the Farm Bureau booth at the state fair.
They always try to attend the annual state meeting and, if possible, the national meeting in January where farms from across the country come together.
DeWeese said he and Sue have supported Farm Bureau because of their commitment to representing agriculture.
“It’s truly the voice of agriculture in long range planning,” DeWeese said. “I believe in the organization.”
DeWeese said they are involved in so many areas with Farm Bureau for the betterment of the community and that everyone needs to be active in their community.
“If you’re not involved, you need to be,” DeWeese said.
One of DeWeese’s favorite Farm Bureau activities is the Kids Day on the Farm, a day when all fifth grade school students visit a farm and learn how the farm works, including DeWeese’s lessons in farm equipment and seeds, plus various other aspects of farming and farm safety.
DeWeese said its a rewarding day and he enjoys answering questions and watching the kids eyes as he shows them the big farm equipment. Sometimes the kids don’t quite understand everything at first. He was showing oats and one child said they were horse seeds because it was fed to horses.
DeWeese has been a member of Farm Bureau since 1959. His helpmate for 55 years has been wife Sue.
“She’s a tremendous person and very supportive. It brings tears to my eyes,” DeWeese said. “I don’t know if we’ve ever had a real disagreement.”
there have been some tough times through the years and sometimes its been a struggle but with Sue by his side, its been a good life, DeWeese said.
Sue echoed her husbands sentiments
“It’s been fun. It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s been a good life,” Sue said. “Farming hasn’t always been profitable but we survived it.”
Getting involved in the community takes a lot of time and energy, more than most people think. But the DeWeeses wouldn’t have it any other way.
“You do it because it’s the right thing to do,” said Sue who owns and operates Sue’s Ultimate Embroidery in downtown Pratt. She helps lots of organizations design and sew logos and names on hats, shirts, coats and so on.
She enjoys being part of Farm Bureau they stand up for agriculture communities. Farm Bureau people are a great group and a lot of fun to be around, Sue said.
“They are a strong advocate for farmers,” Sue said.
Working in the community gives Sue a sense of purpose. She would rather do something for someone else than have someone do something for her.
Sue said Dwane is lots of fun and he always has a story to share. He’s always the last one to leave an event and he has never met a stranger.