On Aug 28, the Pratt High Lady Greenbacks golf team was gifted golf balls with a “Fighting Frog” on them from the Park Hills Country Club Ladies. Park Hills Ladies Golf president Lyda Kassselman said they typically give a gift to the golf team, but this year was slightly different.
“In the past, there has been a cash donation made to the team,” Kasselman said. “But this year one of the members thought it would be a great idea to buy golf balls with the Greenback logo for the girls to use at their tournaments.”
A couple of times a month, the Park Hills Ladies meet to play golf, and when they do, they put money in a pot, and a small portion of that goes to the winner of the night. The bulk of them money is saved to buy a gift for the Pratt High golf team.
“For the last few years, the Park Hills Ladies have chosen to support the Pratt High Girls Golf Teams a they are the future of ladies golf and hopefully will join us when the time is right for them,” Kassleman said.