Fellowship of Christian Students planned and performed for their peers at Merchant Park on Friday night.

On Friday, August 30, Pratt High School Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), hosted games, food, and live music at the Merchants Park in Pratt.  Live Christian music was provided by members of FCS, including: Colby Barradas, vocal lead and guitar; Kahrie Stegman, vocal lead and  keyboard; Caleb Powell, keyboard and vocal; Jonathan Popovich, drums; Abby Green, vocal.  Darrian Cox provided games.  
Part of the program was a short Bible study led by Barrada and Powell for those interested.  
The group organized a taco bar and watermelon  for those hungry after the evening’s activities.
FCS meets regularly on Mondays during lunch period at the Pratt High School.  Any interested students are invited to bring their lunch and join in for a time of fellowship and prayer.  FCS plans to host a movie at the Barron after the homecoming dance on October 5.  
Other activities will be planned during the regular meetings.