USD 382s archery team enters a second year of competition with increased numbers and opportunities.

Last school year, an archery team was added to the collection of sports at Pratt High School with Michelle Popovich stepping up to become the coach. Popovich is the foreign language teacher for Pratt Students, as well as the sponsor for school clubs such as Student Council and Foreign Frogs.
The team was successful last year, especially it being the first year the sport was offered to Pratt High Students, placing third at one of the meets and going on to state.
Coach Popovich has named Shawndra Bare and Jonathan Popovich team captains for the 2019-2020 season, as they have shown great leadership on the team and have had successes in the past year.
In high school, the archery season goes on all school year long, so the team has a lot of opportunity to grow in one season.
Even though last year was the first year archery was offered at Pratt High, Popovich has seen much success and is looking forward to improvements this year. There were a few students who joined archery later in the season last year, and she hopes to see more join the team this year even with 30 signed up to participate.
“I see a lot of potential,” Popovich said.
Popovich said those showing major improvement include sophomore Abigail Kendall, who  switched from right-to lefthanded shooting, which helped with her accuracy.
“She’s had that spurt that really helped,” Popovich said.
Others on the team that Popovich expects to place high in the standings this year are senior Shawndra Bare, senior Jonathan Popovich, sophomore Matthew Hook, senior Daniel Orantia, and sophomore Jayven Teets.
“To get in regular, good practice for each archer, and to go as many meets as are reasonable are our goals,” Popovich said.  “The more meets we go to, the better we’re going to get.”