Pratt firemen quickly downgraded the scene at 1118 Champa in Pratt on Tuesday.

An exploding fuse brought Pratt firefighters to 1118 Champa on Sept. 3. The force of the explosion blew the fuse apart, forced open the fuse box door on the outside of the house, causing it to latch in the open position.
Pratt Fire Chief David Kramer said he wasn't sure if the explosion was caused by a bad fuse, a faulty connection or other problem. There was a burn smell and residents saw smoke around the fuse panel inside the house. Some lights were flickering in the house after the explosion. There was no fire and firefighters used a fan to clear away the small amount of smoke. No one was injured in the explosion.
Kramer said it was very unusual for a fuse to explode. The other fuse in box continued to work properly.