The Beaver Dome at Pratt Community College was rocking with energy during the PCC vs. Hutchinson volleyball games on Tuesday in Pratt.

The PCC Lady Beavers put up a good fight at their home game against Hutchinson Community College Dragons on Wednesday, Sep. 11. Though they couldn’t take the win, the game was well-matched. Head coach Zachary Rambo said the team didn’t go down without a fight.
“We played very, very well, but Hutch matched us very well.”
The teams rallied back and forth, leaving the winner unclear until the very end. The Beavers took the first win, 25-23, but fell in the second set at 17-25. The latter half of the game consisted of set scores of 25-23, 23-25, and ended the game with a close loss of 11-15.
Within the first 18 points of the tiebreaker set, there two lead changes and six ties.
Coach Rambo said he saw a lot of progression in his team, and they were heading in the right direction.
“We are definitely on the right track,” Rambo said.
One of the biggest comebacks by the Beavers was during the third set when they were down 3-1. The team began chipping away at Hutch, gaining the lead at 23-22, and ending the set at 25-23.
“We didn’t want to go down 1-2,” Rambo said. “We finished that game really well.”
The Beavers gave the Dragons two 8-point leads, taking a lot of effort to gain back.
“That takes a lot of energy to fight back,” Rambo said.
A key component to the team was sophomore Olivia Hessman, a returning All-Conference setter.
“Honestly, we couldn’t do what we do without her,” Rambo said. “She does a great job keeping the girls focused.”
Freshman Kylee Harman had 13 kills and played very well defensively, according to Coach Rambo.
Freshman Morgan Schrag has impressed coach Rambo with her skill so far this season.
“I’ve never seen an outside hitter play like she has,” Rambo said, “she was spectacular.”
The team has shown improvement since the start of the season.
“I don’t even recognize the team,” Rambo said. “At every single position the girls have grown so much.”
Rambo said many of the girls have been adjusting to playing college volleyball. In high school, the girls had to cover for the players not as serious about the sport, so once they got to college, they had to learn to let each other do their jobs.
“It’s all about trusting your teammates and trusting them to do their job, and they will trust you to do your job,” Rambo said.
Rambo expects his team to play as they did on Wednesday night for the rest of the season, and he knows they will improve as the season goes on.
“That’s our standard now,” Rambo explained, “We’ve just got to stay disciplined, and we can always be a little better.”
Without hesitation, Coach Rambo said he is most looking forward to the growth of the team.
“We can’t  stagnant,” Rambo said, “ we have to continue to improve the little things every single day. They’re a blast to watch.”
The Beavers face Colby Community College at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sep. 14 in the Beaverdome, and face Dodge City Community College at home as well on Monday, Sep. 16 at 6:30 p.m.