Two tractors have now burned near Sawyer in unrelated incidents.

For the second time in 27 hours, fire destroyed a farm tractor near Sawyer. On Wednesday, Sept. 11, Sawyer firefighters were summoned to a tractor on fire about two miles east of Sawyer and north of K-42.
Steve Flora, Sawyer firefighter, said when firefighters arrived on the scene, the tractor was fully engulfed in flames and there was little they could do. The field had previously been burned to clear out sunflowers and weeds so the land could be worked to plant wheat.
Flora said debris from the field fire had accumulated on the tractor engine area and had been cleared away once before the machine ignited. It’s possible more debris had accumulated around the motor where the fire started but the exact cause is unknown.
Two fire trucks were on site for about two hours. No one was injured in the fire and no other equipment was damaged.
The tractor, a Case IH, was owned by a Riffey family member.
A tractor fire on Tuesday, Sept. 10, destroyed a tractor about two miles north of K-42 on SE 70th Avenue.
Both tractors in the recent fires were completely destroyed and no on was injured in either fire. Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White said that there was no apparent connection between the fires at this time.