Pratt football faced another tough game on Friday, September 13 against Halstead. The Greenbacks didn’t end up with the win, but senior player Grant May explained that the loss wasn’t due to a lack of effort on Pratt’s part.
“The most difficult part of the game was definitely how hard Halstead played despite our best efforts,” May said. “It was hard to match their intensity during parts of the game.”
The Greenbacks tied the game by halftime at 14-14 after a two-point conversion in the second quarter, but couldn’t keep the momentum going.
At the beginning of the second half, the Greenbacks nearly took the lead for the first time in the game when they were only a mere first and goal away. Unfortunately, the Greenbacks lost possession when the Dragons intercepted the ball and ran it all the way to the end zone, scoring a touchdown.
“That was the big momentum turning point of the game,” head coach Brent Hoelting said.
“The game could have been a lot different,” May said about the interception.
Hoelting thought the team played very well, but couldn’t quite outmatch the Dragons.
“When you are playing a team as good as Halstead you can't afford to have mistakes and we had a few crucial ones that turned the tide in their favor.”
The score ended at 14-34 with Halstead taking the win.
May admired the sophomore starting quarterback Blake Coss through all of the adversity the team faced.
“Black Coss has impressed me these past two games,” May said. “He has thrown the receivers some great passes and is a huge reason why our pass game is so good.”
Both Coach Hoelting and May agreed that senior defensive player Dawson Snider played a very good defensive game.
“Dawson Snider had a great game on the defensive side of the ball and disrupted many plays in the backfield and had many big tackles,” May said.
Hoelting added that sophomore Trevor Stimatze played well defensively.
“Our defense played great and I thought our line did a good job in pass protection throughout the game,” Hoelting said.
Hoelting isn’t disappointed in the team’s performance. In fact, he thought they played very well for the better part of the game.
“I thought our kids played really hard and I really thought we out-played them for most of the game,” Hoelting said. “We are all disappointed because the kids have worked really hard and of course everyone wants to win, but we recognize that we did some really good things.”
Hoelting hoped the boys could see some success in the near future after a bit more practice on the flaws the team has shown in the past two games.
“We are really close to being a really good team if we clean up some execution mistakes and stay away from turnovers,” Hoelting said.
The Greenbacks will face Hesston on Sep. 20, and May looked forward to the upcoming challenge they will face.
“I hope next week we start out strong against Heston,” May said, “and come out with our first win of the season.”