Resident and survey company representative request timely reviews for land and lots at Pratt County commission meeting.

By state statute, county plats have to be reviewed by a licensed surveyor. At present, Pratt County uses one surveyor to fulfill that requirement.
Raymond Bretton, of Alpha Land Survey of Hutchinson, appeared before the Pratt County Commission on Sept. 9 to request that other surveyors be considered to do that survey. Area resident Larry Riffey accompanied Bretton as he made the request.
Riffey said sometimes, when a lot is split, it is difficult to get the review completed in a timely manner so having the option of using another surveyor can speed up the process.
Bretton said getting reviews signed can also slow down the process when the documents have to go through regular postal services. He said he wasn’t asking anything out of the ordinary but just wanted other surveyors to have the opportunity to do the reviews.
County Counselor Tyson Eisenhauer said he want to review the plat statute and visit with other county counselors on the matter before the Commissioners take any action on the matter.
In other matters:
Commissioners approved the purchase of a 2019 Ram pickup from Lanterman Motors with a final price, including trade-in, of $28,138. It was one of two vehicles Ford presented in closed bids. A closed bid was also received from Doug Reh Chevrolet. The vehicle will be used in the noxious weed department, said Robert Torres of the department.
County road crews continue to work on roads and other projects as summer winds down. Commissioners approved a road crossing on NW 40th Street for Dreiling Construction, said Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor.
Work continues on installing new street signs south of U.S. 54 across the entire county. From 65 percent to 70 percent of that project is complete.
Sealing work on county blacktops is scheduled to start within a week.
Freund said he continues to receive payment to cover flood repairs to the Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake but has not received funds for road repairs in the county.
Mark Graber, county IT person, said new phones from Vonage will go on county desks this week for testing but the system will not go live yet. The new system also includes new hardware.
Rich Sanders of Sanders Insurance presented a $3,620 dividend check to the
Scott Harris, EMS director, said the department billing system was audited and the system is doing well. One thing mentioned in the audit is putting more policies in place beyond the current ones to cover new areas that have been created since the previous polices were created.