Preschool teachers at Pratt and Skyline schools receive gift cards for school supply purchases.

The Pratt Kiwanis are a small but mighty club when it comes to fundraising and supporting local children. Wednesday morning six Kiwanis from the total active-member group of nine, presented gift cards for $100 each to seven preschool teachers in the Pratt community.
"We raise money all through the year with several projects so we can give back to the teachers at this time of year," said Pratt Kiwanis President Charles Keefer. "Our mission is support the children in our community, so this falls right in line with that."
Keefer told teachers the club was aware of the fact that teachers have to spend a lot of their own money for classroom supplies and these gift cards were to help alleviate that expense.
The Kiwanis members operate a concessions stand during the annual Miss Kansas events each June for their main fundraiser. They also have a Dick McCall Flag Project in which they place American flags out for Pratt residents on major holidays.
"We have seven or eight routes in town and put the flags up at 6:30 a.m. and take them down at 6:30 p.m.," Keefer said. "The whole club is involved in both of those activities."
The Pratt Kiwanis Club also has, in the past, collected used shoes to donate to another country or to be recycled into something useful. They are planning to offer that project again in the next few months, as well as man a booth at the Pratt Health Fair coming October 12, 2019.
"All of the money we raise goes into supporting children," Keefer said. "We also donate to the Pratt Teen Center, sponsor movies at the Barron and support Youth Ministries."
Preschool children at Skyline and Pratt schools will benefit from this week's monetary donations to teachers. There are no restrictions as to how the gift cards can be spent except that is benefit teachers and students in their classroom experience.
With an average of 20 preschool students 3-to-4 years of age in 12 classes at both school districts in the community (10 classes at Pratt USD 382 and two classes at Skyline USD 438), teachers receiving the gift cards Wednesday indicated they would have no trouble spending their classroom supply donation gifts.