Pratt city commissioners approve due process for blighted property.

From a pigeon's point of view, the abandoned former KFC structure at the corner of First and Main streets in Pratt is a very nice place, but for Pratt city commissioners who field regular complaints about the blighted building, it has become a big headache which became apparent at their regular meeting Monday, September 16.
"This is by far and away the most controversial and spoken of issue with our constituents," said commissioner Gary Schmidt. "I get asked all the time, 'What are you guys doing about KFC?'"
Acting city manager Bruce Pinkall said that he had met with Schmidt and with Pratt City Attorney Regina Probst to discuss the blight issue of the corner location and had met with city building inspector Brad Blankenship as well.
"At that point, no letters were on the books as having been sent to the property owners, but that has changed and a letter has been sent," Pinkall said. "I know this is not going to be as expedient as some would hope, but we have a due process to follow and that ball is rolling."
Blankenship said the letter he sent outlined three problems with the building and property on the northeast corner of First and Main streets.
"Number 1 - we have several unsightly holes in the stucco, 2 - there is siding that has fallen off the building onto the ground, and 3 - there are actual holes in the building where pigeons and who knows what else are living," Blankenship said.
Despite those problems, Blankenship said that the unsightly area is not considered a legal hazard for the city. It is private property so it is an owner issue, plus the state right-of-way extends from property line to property line, which includes the cracked sidewalks and parking lot.
Probst said the owners would have 45 days from receipt of letter sent by the city to respond and take action on cleaning up the area in question.
In other business, commissioners:
* approved a motion terminating health insurance benefits for any new commissioners elected in the future
* heard an update on the new track and field facility under construction east of Green Sports Complex
* asked for a report from city personnel regarding the safety of city data from cyber-attack.