The Pratt High School girls golf team continues to find success on the greens, this time at Park Hills Country Club in Pratt.

The Pratt High School varsity golfers saw success at the home meet on Monday, Sept. 16. Junior Ruby Howell placed 7th shooting 56, and senior Brooke Farr was only a couple of shots behind her at 58, placing 10th.
A few of the players ended the day with a personal best, but some of them had a little more trouble.
“I did have a couple that had a difficult day and that is just golf,” head coach Erika Householter said. “I expect that they will bounce back just fine.”
The team was especially grateful for the Booster Club for providing them with water, as the day was hot and windy.
The wind affected the players’ game, according to Coach Householter.
“On a course like Park Hills, the wind becomes a huge factor because of all the hills,” Householter said. “You may be hitting from lower ground where you can't feel the wind as much, and when you hit, it affects your ball a lot more than you think it will.”
The golfers are making progress, and Householter plans on improving even more on the shorter shots.
“We are getting better but still have a ways to go around the green,” Householter said.
Householter expects some of the girls to challenge for a spot in the state tournament at the end of October, and expects them to play competitively at Regionals on Oct. 14.
“We just have to continue to get better everyday and hopefully be playing our best golf come October 14th,” Householter said.
Junior Ruby Howell said the last hole of the course was the toughest for her, even though she thought it should have been easy. She and the other girls in Howell’s group thought it was an endurance issue, as the day was particularly hot and windy.
Despite the difficulties, Howell shot a new personal record at 56, an exceptional improvement from her previous 63.
“I was really happy with that,” Howell said.
Howell hoped to hit another score in the fifties at future meets.
“My personal goals are to aim for consistency,” Howell said.
The Lady Greenbacks  continue their season on Thursday, Sept. 19 at Larned with a varsity meet.