Pratt County commissioners approved the reconditioning of a loader at the Pratt County Landfill during their regular Monday meeting business. Jason Winkel, landfill manager, said the loader was about four years old and had 4,500 hours. Some parts of the loader were showing from 80 percent to 90 percent wear and needed to be replaced. The final drive seals are starting to show a little leakage and don’t need to be replaced right now but Winkel said it would be smart to do it at the same time to save transport expenses at a later date.
Commissioners approved $39,700 for Foley Cat to do the reconditioning. Foley is also completing reconditioning on another landfill loader and will swap out loaders when the first project is complete.
Work on a temporary land fill scale house is almost done. Some electrical work needs to be done. So far, Winkel has only received one response for bids for concrete work for the new scale house. He is expecting responses from two other contractors.
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment conducted a surprise inspection at the landfill and found no violations, Winkel said.
A crusher was installed for cans that hold flammable liquids. By crushing the cans, it saves almost $5,000 over not crushing them.
Winkel is considering purchasing a machine that quarters tires so they can be disposed of at the landfill.
He said the machine can cut 60 tires an hour. Cutting the tires prevents them from floating to the surface if they are buried. It saves money to bury the tires rather than pay to have them hauled off.
Winkel said he wants the company to come to Pratt and demonstrate the machine before he makes a purchase decision.
The county road department is sealing roads this week and will have four mowers out to catch up on mowing across the county, said Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor.
Robert Torres, environmental services, said a training session for septic systems above ground was well attended with 44 present and much was learned about the process.
Commissioners approved $11,700 for repelling equipment out of the special equipment fund. Bill Hampton, county Fire and Rescue chief said the equipment can be used for tall structure rescues such as wind towers, grain elevators, Pratt Energy ethanol plant, Xtra Factors, cell phone towers, radio towers, water towers, high angle rescues as well as injured people below ground level such as the city power plant and the cotton gin.
Rope rescue can be used during grain entrapment, removing people from railroad cars and even water rescues.
A training session for the new equipment is being organized and the sheriff’s office will be invited to take part in the training, Hampton said.
The County Health Department will hold a flu clinic from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 23 at the Community Center. The Health Department will be closed during that time so staff can administer flu vaccinations, said Darcie VanDerVyver, director of public health.
In other business:
* commissioners nominated and approved Weston Winfrey for the planning and zoning board to fill the remaining team of the late board member Ted Loomis.