County and city police forces work together to solve Pratt burglaries.

A press release issued Thursday from the Pratt County Sheriff's Department and the Pratt City Police Department highlighted teamwork between the two departments in solving recent burglary cases in and around Pratt, but left several unanswered questions as to what burglaries had been solved.
Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White said that both agencies have been investigating burglaries for the past few weeks, but after recent developments, the two agencies were able to track down two suspects that are accused of burglaries affecting both the city and county.
"I am very proud of all our officers and have seen some awesome teamwork in action," White said. "They are a great example of how quickly things can be solved when different entities work together. That's how it should be everywhere, local, state and national levels."
Though White said he preferred to be able to tell citizens what was going on when it came to criminal cases such as those he had been working on lately with fellow law enforcement, he was prevented in letting out more detailed information at this time.
Pratt County Attorney Tracey Beverlin also declined to answer specific questions about what burglaries had been solved and what businesses or individuals had been burglarized but she did say there was an arrest in connection with the cases.
"One suspect is in our jail, Shawn Snow, another suspect is a juvenile," Beverlin said.
No further information was available because deputies have 48 hours after making an arrest to file a probable cause affidavit.
"Sometimes more charges come from the county attorney's office after the probable cause affidavit has been submitted, based on further investigation," Beverlin said. "Once formal charges are filed, a bond is set and more information can be released at that time."
Several businesses in Pratt and one church have unofficially reported break-ins and burglaries earlier this week, but there is no official  information that links those acts to the current suspects in jail.
All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.