The show goes on, despite rough weather in Pratt on Tuesday night.

The opening show of the Pratt Community Concert Series was, more or less, a sideshow to the dramatic weather underway Tuesday night, which had been building up in the area since mid-afternoon.
Some concert-goers arrived late to the show, as much as 15-20 minutes. Others got wet going in, but many stayed home.
Despite those factors, the Easts (Jonathon and Brooke) put on an excellent show, which shared the story of their individual lives and how the two merged together in Dollywood, becoming one.
The Easts narrated this tale, illustrating it with songs, both familiar and unfamiliar. Jonathon played guitar and harmonica, while Brooke strummed the ukulele, played a drum, and shook something like a castanet.
Incidentally, the accomplished duo has performed throughout the United States and in at least six countries. Their songs and performance resonated with the rhythms of their travels and adventures together. The show, and songs, also underscored the deep love the two have for each other, after nine years of marriage.
"One highlight of the concert came when the power went out. The Easts kept performing and, almost immediately, cell phone flashlights flickered on in several spots around the auditorium. The stage crew even appeared with an old school and a cell phone flashlight."
For many, it was only appropriate that the weather radio bleeped out yet another warning of more severe weather after the show was over.
After the concert, many audience members hunkered down inside the community college foyer, waiting for a break in the action, which included walnut to golf-ball sized hail and torrential rainfall.