Hundreds turn out for community festival on Saturday.

It was a packed house, or rather a packed beer garden, as a big crowd gathered at the Green Sports Complex to celebrate Oktoberfest on Sept. 28.
Rain earlier in the day cleared out to provide an evening with mild temperatures and some Kansas wind. Several participants were dressed in traditional lederhosen and dirndl (dresses).
Providing music for the event, including lots of polkas, was the Waterloo German Band out of Illinois. Musicians Russ Wolf, John Richmond, Barbara Johnson and Dan Franke kept the music lively and got the crowd involved with playing instruments and dancing.
Wolf and Richmond demonstrated their skills at the Alpine Horn then got the crowd involved in a competition won by Dan Gillig who held a note the longest on the horn.
Wolf also demonstrated the holzen glachter (a wooden instrument that resembles a xylophone), a stumpf fiddle (a conglomeration of percussion instruments) and even cowbells. Audience members played songs on the cowbells and a couple even tried their hand at the stumpf fiddle.
Several games were available including corn hole, giant Jenga, giant dominoes, giant beer pong, and Polish (throw a Frisbee at a bottle and try to knock it off).
Several couples took advantage of the dance floor and there were some group dances including the Chicken Dance.
Food, including brats, bierocks and other treats plus water and, of course, plenty of beer were on hand for the occasion.