Pratt and Kingman High School students go head-to-head collecting food for area food banks.

Pratt High School was declared the winner of a month-long canned food drive competition against Kingman that ended Friday, October 5 at homecoming.  Pratt High School students and supporters gathered 5,449 canned goods as compared to the Kingman count of 3,209 items.  This is the fifth year for the competition with Kingman that results in donations for community food pantries.  
Pratt Student Council (StuCo) began the War on 54 when Katie Buhler was president of the student organization. The traveling trophy for the winners stayed in Kingman for the first three years of competition as the Kingman Student Council under the leadership of Cindy Austin garnered the support of their school and community.
Last year the PHS student council rallied the support of students and community to pull off a large win with more than e 6,000 cans for the Pratt Food Bank. 
This year Pratt StuCo sponsor Michelle Popovich said that although the competition amount tallied 5449 cans, more cans were collected at the game and from other sources after the noon deadline on October 4.  Those will also be a part of the donation to the Pratt Food bank.
Pratt StuCo members thanks the community for their strong support and participation in this annual event.  Businesses such as Dillons, Dollar General, American Federal Credit Union, and Ace Hardware allowed them to place collection boxes in their stores.  Area residents contributed many items as StuCo members and other students canvassed from door-to-door in Pratt neighborhoods.  These contributions from the canvassing effort resulted in 904 canned good items and $136 that will go to the food bank for the purchase of other needed or perishable items. 
Students at the high school competed as classes with the junior class winning the competition with a total of 1006 cans.  The senior class took 2nd place with a total of 540 cans.  Southwest Elementary School rallied to turn in 530 cans.  
Special thanks go to Bob Slinkard for his contribution of a pallet of food and the Oktoberfest for their generous contribution of 917 food items.