Hail storm brings another new business to town.

Ozone Roofing, Inc., headquartered in Dodge City, officially threw its corporate hat into the local hail-damage ring Tuesday, October 8, hosting a noon-hour Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and Open House at its headquarters in Pratt Office Center, 1316 East First Street.
“We’re basically a family-owned business that has branched out into seven states,” Ozone Vice President of Marketing and Development Daynell Naces said. “What makes us stand out from ‘just another roofing company’ is that we’re always going to put the homeowners’ best interest first.”
The company was founded in 2017 by Naces’ father, Kyle Myers, who launched the firm based on his 13-year background in the roofing trade and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company that is licensed in seven contiguous south-central states, including Texas.
The Pratt office is staffed by Kristin Roehr as sales manager with oversight by Ozone President Dennis Murphy, who said he’s as much at home on rooftops, doing inspections and supervising crews, as he is behind a desk completing estimates and other necessary paperwork.
They will be supervising a crew seven sales managers.
“We offer free inspections,” Murphy said, “and we provide free-estimates, based on the homeowner’s choice of materials, plus a five-year warranty. Whatever the homeowner wants, that’s our first priority.”
Naces cautioned homeowners against eyeballing the roof from the ground to try to decide if there has been any hail damage.
“After a hailstorm, a homeowner can’t always detect damage just by a visual inspection, looking up at the roof,” Naces said. “That’s why it’s important to have your roof inspected by a professional and our work is warrantied.”
Ozone Roofing handles both commercial and residential, including metal roofs and slate roofs and skylights, as well as gutter installation.
“We’ve roofed car dealerships, hotels and apartment complexes, as well as residential homes,” Naces said.
The average residential roofing job can be completed in a day, according to Murphy.
Cleanup is included in the work and so is protection of foliage.
“We put a tarp over garden beds, if needed, and the guys use a magnetic nail roller to find any nails that might have fallen to the ground. We also pick up any stray shingles and all trash,” Murphy said.
“All of our roofers have the proper insurance to roof,” Naces said.
There’s another aspect to Ozone Roofing that Naces said makes her proud.
“Twice a year, we provide a meal to about 500 kids in the Philippines, mostly orphans or street kids,” Naces said. “My Mom, Genevive Myers, was the inspiration. She grew up in the Philippines and knows the poverty that still exists in some areas.”
“We were very poor. I know how it feels to go hungry. It’s a blessing that we can share in this way,” Mrs. Myers said.
Naces said her father decided on the company name during a 3 a.m. brain-storming session with himself.
“He wanted something different and unique and that also tied into the weather, which made him think of the deterioration of the ozone layer,” Naces said. “He found out last year that there are only two companies in the United States with Ozone in their name.”
Ozone Roofing maintains an internet presence with both a website (www.ozonerfg.com) and on Facebook where customers can log reviews.
“No one has ever given us a bad review,” Murphy said.