City fire and emergency personal responded to 1304 East Fifth for a fire call Saturday afternoon, but a homeowner's quick thinking eased the situation.

Quick action by a Pratt man saved his home when a fire of unknown origin broke out Saturday afternoon. Sandra Espina and Devin Russel were at home at 1304 East Fifth when an explosion occurred in the backyard at 4:11 p.m.

Espina said when she heard the explosion, she turned around and saw flames outside the back door. Russel said he came running from the bedroom, opened the back door and discovered several items on fire and flames climbing up the back wall of the house.

Espina called 911 while Russel pulled a propane grill, an outdoors sofa and other burnable items away from the fire then ran to get a garden hose and began spraying down the burning items that included a rectangular storage tub and a plastic cooler. Flames had already melted plastic siding and were threatening to set the underside of the wooden porch roof on fire.

Russel said he got the fire put out and continued to spray down the area until the fire department arrived.

Firefighters helped spray down the burned items and made sure the fire had not gotten into the roof area of the porch.

After the fire was completely out and things had cooled off, Pratt Fire Chief David Kramer and Fire Captain Todd Hoffman sifted through the remains of the contents of the storage tub that had miscellaneous items plus other items in the area that were also burned. Among the items in the tub were some aerosol cans including a couple that exploded. That was what the couple heard initially that alerted them to the fire, Kramer said.

After a thorough search of the debris, there was no positive cause of the fire found. There were electric garden tools but they weren't plugged in, there was a propane grill but it was pulled away from the fire, there were other odds and ends including plastic jugs with herbicide that had plastic spray handles that used batteries.

One set of batteries could not be located in the charred clump of burned debris.

Kramer said there was no positive cause of the fire but options included the batteries from the sprayer or a cigarette but there was nothing to indicate conclusively that either one of those started the fire, Kramer said.

Fire fighters were on scene for about an hour. No one was injured in the fire that was confined to a small area on the back of the house just outside the back door. Kramer said there wasn't anything suspicious about the fire.