Options for leaking LEO building in Pratt discussed by commissioners.

Leaking roof problems at the Law Enforcement Building are one step closer to being solved. The Pratt County Commissioners heard roofing material options at their Oct. 14 meeting.
Roger Slief of A&R Roofing surveyed the roof and presented two possible roofing materials. The actual LEC roof is made of concrete and is two inches thick with a built in slope.
Chat on the roof would be cleaned off and the new roofing material would be applied. There are 13 HVAC units on the roof and Slief said there was enough room to lift the units high enough to apply the new roofing material without having to disconnect the units.
One of the roofing options is a spray on polyurethane foam that provides good insulation and is extreme hail rated. The foam is lightweight, durable, would have not seams and would cause little disruption to LEC operations, Slief said.
With foam, the temperature has to be at lest 50 degrees and it can't be applied in wind over 25 mph because of drift issues.
Another roofing material, Everguard TPO, is a membrane type of roofing material. Its a good product and very hail resistant. Everything on the roof would have to be cleared down to the original roof before installation and labor costs are high, Slief said.
No bids for the roofing repair have been opened yet for the project. Slief was just presenting roofing material options. He will return at a later meeting to present possible costs for installing roofing material.
Efforts are underway to establish a safe shelter in Pratt for victims of domestic violence. Joanne Wondra and Courtney Hardgrave of the Family Crisis Center informed the Commissioners they were seeking a local shelter so domestic violence victims would not have to travel to an out of town location.
About half of the domestic violence victims in Pratt last year traveled to a shelter in Barton County, Wondra said.
"It's not a viable option to do that if you have kids in Pratt. I wish I had statistics on how many Pratt people would have gone to a Pratt facility if it was available," Hardgrave said.
A shelter would have security and staff at the a shelter 24-7. If someone or a business has a possible site they should contact 620-793-9941.
To increase domestic violence awareness, the commissioners approved a proclamation declaring October as domestic violence month.
Also to raise awareness, the Family Crisis Center is promoting "Turn Our Town Purple" in conjunction with National Network to End Domestic Violence's "Purple Thursday" on Oct. 24 where people are encouraged to wear purple, decorate their office in purple or shine a purple light to show their show their commitment help end domestic violence. Participants are encouraged to take photos of their purple and post it to facebook.com/FamilyCrisisCenter or email photos to info@familycrisiscntr.org and they will post the photos.
A double car port will be installed at the Pratt County Health Department. Darci VanDerVyver, director of public health, said the department will receive a South Central Community Foundation $1,000 grant for the carport. The department will have to raise an additional $100 to cover the entire cost.
The water at the Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake will be shut off for the season on Monday, Oct. 21.