Pratt group meets and remembers special member Helen Farmer Miller.

Pratt Area Garden Club members met at the Pratt Public Library for their September meeting with 12 members present. The group welcomed Pam Johnson as a new member.
Vickie Simonsen , Pratt County Extension Agent, gave a very informative PowerPoint presentation “Planting and Care of Trees in Pratt, Kansas.” She stressed the need to water them through the fall and winter during times of no precipitation.  
The meeting was called to order by President Linda Broce.  Kathy Koehn, Secretary, called the roll with ”What advice would you give to a novice gardener?”
Carolyn Porter, Memorial Committee Chair, reported that Helen Farmer Miller’s memorial tree has been planted in Sixth Street Park by the gazebo. It is a beautiful Fernleaf Full Moon Maple, planted by Mark Eckhoff on his last day before retiring after 29 years of serving as Parks Manager. He was assisted by Carolyn and Helen Ford.
Discussion was held to visit Botanica or the Sedgwick County Extension Experimental Gardens in Wichita, along with visiting past member, Annette Van Blaricum, who now lives in Wichita.
The group adjourned to meet in October when Ken Brunson will give the lesson on the debate about the environmental impact of the wind farms on the land and nature.