There was a lot more work to that first meets the eye with light replacement on North Main Street last week.

After several months of replacing broken pieces and rewiring, the street lights on the east side of North Main Street in Pratt  were finally put back into place and are ready to light up the street again.
Pratt City Electric Department crews were busy setting street light poles into place and connecting the new wiring in the posts with the new underground wire that was installed over two days during the week of Oct. 14 by DLS Underground.
Crew leader Brandon Flear operated a directional drill to dig underground between the light posts over a four block stretch of North Main, said DLS owner Dustin Stansbury.
Rods were linked to the drill bit that sent out a signal to a box placed on top of the ground that returned the signal to keep the drill running straight and at a depth of two feet. It took two days for the company to drill and pull all the necessary wire for the project.
The sections of pipe connected to the drill head were 10 feet long. When the drill head reached a hole at the end of each dig, underground electrical cable is attached and the pipe sections are retracted to the drill, pulling the electric cable as it goes, Stansbury said.
All the original street lights on North Main had to be replaced when electrical problems caused all lights to fail. All the wiring had to be replaced and the light posts were powder coated then reinstalled. The west side lights were installed in the spring but the east side was delayed because of broken parts that needed to be replaced.
Once the underground electric cable was in place, city electric crews began reinstalling the refurbished light posts and attaching the lights and globes on top.