Pratt High School football team players continue to find bright spots despite tough competition in 6-13 loss on Friday.

The Pratt Greenbacks faced the Holcomb Longhorns on Friday, Oct. 18 and lost, but not without putting up a fight. The Longhorns scored the first two touchdowns of the game in the second quarter, one of them on an interception just before halftime. It was a quiet third quarter, but the Greenbacks fought back during the fourth quarter and scored a touchdown, ending the game at 6-13.
Senior Camdon Nickelson felt the team competed well, especially in the fourth quarter.
“I believe that the team played great throughout the game but in the fourth quarter we hit an unstoppable rhythm,” Nickelson said.
Head Coach Brent Hoelting thought Pratt could have changed the outcome of the game if they wouldn’t have had one slip-up.
“The biggest play of the game was their interception return for a touchdown right before halftime,” Hoelting said. “We went from possibly scoring to them scoring.”
Hoelting thinks one of the team’s weaknesses is allowing too many turnovers.
“We talk every game about winning the turnover battle and unfortunately we weren't able to do that,” Hoelting said. “Our defense is playing really well right now and if we can clean up the turnovers we can compete with anyone we play.”
Despite the turnover issue, Coach Hoelting felt the Greenbacks showed grit and played hard.
“I was really proud of how hard we played,” Hoelting said. “Defensively we played very well and offensively we moved the ball pretty much at will but turnovers really hurt us.”
Nickelson thought the team showed hard work ethic.
“I think our team played outstanding, we worked together, didn’t give up, and most importantly fought hard,” Nickelson said.
Nickelson saw his teammates shine against the Longhorns.
“Devon (Weber) really proved himself while playing quarterback, from great runs and reading defenses,” Nickelson explained. “Trevor Stimatze bullied the offensive line throughout the whole game. Jesus Acosta had an amazing game playing both sides of the ball and even getting a pick.”
Coach Hoelting agreed that Weber had an exceptional game.
“Devon Weber did a great job in his first start at quarterback. He's such a tough kid and competitor,” Hoelting said.
Hoelting was impressed with the offensive line’s performance as well.
“I thought our offensive line as a whole had a fantastic game, Hoelting said. “That group has really come a long way. They are always wanting to learn and get better and I'm very proud of the progress they have made.”
Nickelson has seen progress in the entire team.
“Everyone has improved in every aspect but most of all we are a complete team, we are there for each other in every regard.”
The game was windy and dusty, which added an extra challenge for both teams, but Nickelson saw this an opportunity for growth.
“We learned grit and perseverance from the weather conditions and the team we played,” Nickelson said.
The team has found the community of Pratt’s support to be very valuable, and they are excited to play at home on Friday, Oct. 25 against the Nickerson Panthers.
“We all appreciate the fan support,” Nickelson said.