The Pratt Public Library is a hub of activity for people of all ages, but the need for a soundproof quiet room has now been met.

The Pratt Public Library will soon open a new soundproof room for those who want to enjoy a quiet space away from the noise.
The director of the Pratt Public Library, Eric Killough, said this new quiet space will benefit the community.
“This is a place to get away from some of the mayhem that ensues here,” Killough said. “Someplace a little more secluded or quiet.”
With many well-attended activities for children and youth constantly ongoing at the library, Killough thought it would be good for adults to have a place they know will be quiet.
“It’s something I’d like to use and a lot of people said they would,” he said.
When Killough became the director of the library in December of 2018, he thought there should be a space like this.
“We’d better do something to make it quieter.,” Killough said. “Some people in the community like to read, and if we can afford them a place to do it a little more peacefully, then we’ll do that.”
An employee at the Pratt Public Library, Derese McAbee, said the library should be a place where people of all ages feel welcome to come and hang out.
"If a library is just going to be a depository for books we might as well just shut the doors,” said McAbee.
Killough said he knows kids enjoy coming to the library and he didn’t want to take the fun away from them.
“The kids come first,” Killough said.
Killough and library employees are still in the process of picking furniture for the room, but they are planning to install a table or desk, chairs and possibly a couch.
“It was paid for by a very generous and consistent donor,” Killough said.

The donor’s name is currently being kept anonymous, but it may be released in the future.
“We’re very grateful for the support of the community because it’s not just that room but it is all of the other extended programming we’ve been able to put in place in the last year that has been paid for entirely by really generous people in our community,” Killough said. “We’re grateful for that.”
The original remodel plan was to put the room in the center of the library where the periodicals were kept, but that would have created a room with three sides of windows.
“We didn’t want anyone to feel like they were in an observatory. We felt like they’d be in a fish tank and people would look in,” said Killough. "That would have been awkward."
The quiet room is being built in the northwest corner of the main room and will be open for use any day.