A lot of questions about the future of swimming pool options in Pratt will be dealt with in a newly forming committee.

The feasibility of a new municipal swimming pool is under consideration by city officials and a committee is being formed to study the feasibility, according to City Manager Bruce Pinkall.
Pinkall said 7 members have been selected so far and he hopes to have a total of 11 members, with a minimum of 9,  representing a cross-section of the community.
Committee members appointed to date are Liz Krehbiel, Joe Kramer, Willa Beth Mills, Beverly Crump, Chanielle Thibault, Jarrod Bishop and Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce Director Kim DeClue.
"We want to get the ball rolling, get out information and make a plan of how to engage the community," Pinkall  said.
The city has contracted with Larkin Aquatics engineering firm in Kansas City, MO, who helped develop plans for a new pool in 2014, which was put on hold because of finances.
"We still don't have the cash in hand," Pinkall said.
"We'll be looking at the dollars and considering the options. We'll be looking at whether to repair or replace," Pinkall said.
One of the financing options is to issue general obligation bonds, according to Pinkall.
The new committee's goal will focus on hosting a series of community meetings to seek community input regarding both design and location  and also the feasibility.
"We want to get as much input as possible on what the community's needs and wants are," Pinkall said.
"We'll share information on what was done in 2014 and discuss whether the pool should stay at its current location or be relocated somewhere else in  the city," Pinkall said.
Pinkall said the committee would also consider options such as a zero-entry area that would allow easy access for those using wheelchairs or walkers.
"The committee might also consider  a splash park with a fountain that would provide a safe area for any age to enjoy," Pinkall said.
Pratt Public Works Director Russ Rambat and Finance Director Diane Garten will also serve on the committee.
Date for the first pool committee meeting has not been officially confirmed.