Peters and Schmidt to continue on Pratt City Commission.

In a closely contested race for two seats, Don Peters and Gary Schmidt were re-elected to the Pratt City Commission with 36 percent and 34 percent of the vote respectively while challenger Holly Howell received 28 percent.
The following 2019 fall election results for Pratt County are unofficial and do not include write-in ballots. Results will be official after Pratt County Commissioners canvass the ballots on Nov. 15.
Unofficial results:
Pratt City Commissioner-Two positions
Don Peters 474
Gary Schmidt 455
Holly Howell 379
Write-in 1
Pratt Community College Board of Trustees at large-Four positions
Michelle Hamm, Pratt 822
Kim DeClue, Pratt 715
Stan Reimer, Pratt 697
Ed Barrett, Pratt 635
Write-in 20.
USD 382 Board of Education-Four positions
Jennifer Hopkins, Pratt 669
Chris Drake, Preston 583
Jeremy Demuth, Pratt 573
Michelle Ferbert, Pratt 537
Write-in 10
USD 438 Board of Education-Four positions
Rick Shriver, Coats 77
Nicole Curtis, Byers 75
Allen Smith, Haviland 64
David McComb, Pratt 61
Write-in 1
Byers Mayor
No candidate filed
Write-in 12
Byers City Council
No candidate filed
Write-in 49
Coats Mayor
Tiffany Ailstock, Coats 4
No write-in
Coats City Council-Five positions
Kyle Franklin, Coats 4
Curtis Haste, Coats 3
Patricia Ward, Coats 2
Matt Ward, Coats 2,
Jeffrey Shafer, Coats 2
No write-in
Cullison Mayor
Rusty Owens, Cullison 10
Ted Stahl, Cullison 5
No write-in
Cullison City Council-Five positions
Greg Patrick, Cullison 14
Grant Sirois, Cullison 14
Jeremy Cota, Cullison 14
Cassandra Owens, Cullison 8
Bobbie Booi, Cullison 7
Marcia Stahl, Cullison 6
Write-in 5
Iuka Mayor
Marsha Giggy, Iuka 26
Write-in 1
Iuka City Council-Five Positions
Gerald Tucker, Iuka 23
Tom Helsel, Iuka 23
Keith Backman, Iuka 23
Robert Hall, Iuka 23
Warren Briggeman, Iuka 22
No write-in
Preston City Council-Three positions
Gary Condict, Preston 21
Mark Richard, Preston 19
Mike Fisher, Preston 18
Alma Walker, Preston 10
Write-in 2
Sawyer Mayor
No candidate filed
Write-in 21
Sawyer City Council-Five positions
Randy Kumberg, Sawyer 21
Write-in 78
Constitutional Amendment
Yes 508
No 442
USD 349 Board of Education-Four positions
Michelle Brozek, Stafford 1
Rebecca Austin, Stafford 0
John Diel, Stafford 0
Sara Kerschenske, Stafford 0
Dawn Schreiber, Stafford 0
No write-in
USD 351 Board of Education Position 1-One position
Brian Anshutz, Seward 1
No write-in
USD 351 Board of Education Position 2-One position
Derek Bevan, Macksville 1
No write-in
USD 351 Board of Education Position 3-One position
Dennis Dutton, Macksville 1
No write-in
USD 351 Board of Education Position 7-One position
Duane Miller, Belpre 1
No write-in
USD 474 Board Members-Four positions
Rosie Troyer, Haviland 1
Brady Thompson, Haviland 1
Adam Weseich, Haviland 0
No write-in
USD 332 Board of Education-Four positions
Scott DeWeese, Cunningham 1
Brent Hansen, Cunningham 1
Brent Miller, Cunningham 1
Travis Thimesch, Cunningham 1
No write-in
USD 254 Board of Education Position 7-One position
Meagan Etheridge, Sharon 3
No write-in
USD 254 Proposition No. 1
No 3
Yes 0
USD 254 Proposition No. 2
No 3
Yes 0