Liberty Middle School students in Pratt celebrated Veterans Day with their chosen veterans.

Eighth grade students at Liberty Middle School in Pratt got to know some veterans and their contribution to the security of America during an Veteran's Day assignment earlier this month. Students made contact with a veteran, researched their history, looked up information about any military conflict they were associated with, researched their particular branch of the service, then created a tri-fold display featuring the information plus photos. These displays were shared with their chosen veterans and the public on Veteran's Day in the LMS Library.
Most students select a relative for their project but some chose unrelated veterans and told their story.
For LMS eighth grader Chase Robinson, his choice was easy. His grandfather, Ret. Army Sgt. Edwin Newton, served in the military from 1969 to 1972 with a tour of duty in Vietnam where he became a combat veteran.
Robinson had heard his grandfather's stories before but was surprised to learn that Newton had volunteered for the army and had done so at age 17. Newton had to get permission from both his parents to join and he had to finish high school to receive his GED. Newton lived in Garden City and Pratt where he went to school.
Robinson said his favorite part of the project was discovering the history of the war and the technology available at the time. He discovered how people in the U.S. were both for and against the war. Discovering the background was challenging but it was a fun project especially when he learned his grandfathers commander was a Native American.
Newton said he joined the army because his father and sister were in the military and he felt it was his duty to serve.
Robinson was lucky that Newton had his military history easily available in a large scrapbook filled with photos, newspaper clippings and other items associated with his military service. Newton spent time training at Fort Benning and Fort Jackson, Augsburg, Germany and in Vietnam. He was with the 146th Infantry Regiment that was part of the 196th Infantry Brigade.