Pratt varsity and junior varsity teams got off to an intellectual start.

The Pratt High Varsity Scholar’s Bowl team’s first meet was on Thursday, Nov. 7 in Lyons, where the team scored a 5-5 record and lost the first round of bracket play. Junior varsity went 9-2 at the same meet for a winning record, but lost the first round of bracket play as well.
The team hopes to do well particularly at Bishop Carol, league and regional competitions.
Bishop Carol’s tournament on Jan. 11 will be particularly competitive, according to senior Donovan McAbee.
“I hope to make good showings at Bishop Carol’s Tournament of Champions,” McAbee said, “If you get one question right there, you get two additional questions just for your team. It drives bigger incentives to get a question right.”
The league competition will be Jan. 30 in Haven, and regionals will be Feb. 6, location to be determined.
To prepare for these and other tournaments, the team practices twice a week for 2-3 hours, and they are hoping their hard work will pay off.
The team hopes to make it to state, but before that, they just want to do well at the regional level and are working towards that goal.
“I’m excited for the new year,” head coach Kyle Farmer said. “Hopefully we can make some improvements compared to last year. I would love to see us go to state this year after regionals.”