Commitment runs strong from past board members and now in new USD 382 servants Jeremy Demuth and Michelle Ferbert.

Jeremy Demuth and Michelle Ferbert, both parents of kids in the Pratt  school district, took their places at the table of the USD 382 Board of Education on Monday, following their election to those positions in the November 5, 2019 elections. Superintendent Tony Helfrich welcomed the new members who replace Bill Skaggs and Brian Schrag who retired as their terms expired this year.
“I see our new members  coming in as holistic, and thinking about what’s best for the school system,” Helfrich said. “I think they’re going to be really committed.”
Helfrich said representing the best interest of the district’s students is really is a tough job with a lot of pressure.
“They will have to make some big decisions,” he said. “You don’t make everybody happy. What you’re looking for in a board member is somebody who can listen, but can step back and look at the big picture.”
Demuth is a parent of a kindergartener, third-grader, and fifth-grader in the school system.
“For me, it was just giving back to the school system,” Demuth said. “It takes the right kind of person to be able to do it and I hope I’m that person.”
Demuth has had great experiences with all of his kids’ teachers.
“I want to be an advocate for the good teachers I’ve gotten to work with,” he said.
A Greenback her entire life, Ferbert has two children in the Pratt school system as well. Her oldest graduated in 2019, and her youngest is a freshman at Pratt High School. After having her kids go through athletics and clubs, she is ready to serve the people who have served her children.
“I want to be behind the scenes,” Ferbert said.
Though she’s never held a position like this, she feels ready to take on the role.
“I’m getting out of my comfort zone,” said Ferbert. “I just hope I do a good job and learn.”
Skaggs and Schrag joined the Greenback Board of Education in April 2011 and each served two complete terms.
"Both Bill and Brian  have been committed board members who focused on putting our district in great shape to support the success of our students,” said Helfrich.  “For 8 years, both teamed with other board members to be good stewards of our resources and invest in our students and community. I might also add that both have an ornery streak that will be missed."

Demuth and Ferbert join Chris Drake, Jennifer Hopkins, Bill Bergner and Donna Hoener-Queal in serving the USD 382 school system in Pratt.