District social worker Terri Liggett presented mental health information to the USD 382 Pratt board of education last week.

The Pratt USD 382 Board of Education meeting was on Nov. 11, 2019 at 7 p.m. Attending the meeting were new Board members who will begin their service in January 2020, Jeremy Demuth and Michelle Ferbert.

District social worker, Terri Liggett, presented herself before the board and guests and talked about her role in the district and about the Mental Health Americorps Grant. This grant was given to the district to help the workers meet one-on-one with students and parents in need of assistance from the district. This grant also allows the district to partner with Horizons Mental Health Center to best assist families in the school district with any crisis or situation. In the fall of 2018, Liggett started the quarterly Pre-K SPLASH event that involves all families who have kids in preschool or kindergarten in USD 382. These events focused on helping parents and families provide a positive learning environment at home for their young children. 

For the financial report, expenses included the automatic door system and camera repairs, route bus repairs, a steamer for the high school cafeteria, and the Horizons team program. The 2019 audit report was given and the audit was found to be good.

A representative from 360 Engineering presented the energy savings report. He reported that the energy system installed by 360 Engineering was not performing to meet the savings goal and guarantee to the school district. This system controls the air conditioning and heaters in each building, along with other energy factors. That being said, the district was still reported to have nearly $200,000 in fuel savings alone, but was not meeting the goals of the schools themselves by $9,267. The company made assumptions on how the previous system ran, causing the cost to be greater than expected. The school is still saving a significant amount of money through this system, just not as much as expected, and the district will be reimbursed for any guaranteed money not saved as compared to the previous system. 

Board member Chris Drake, reporting for the SCKSEC (South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative) said that members discussed pushing to raise the tobacco age to be raised to 21. The members also discussed adding IEPs (individual education plans) for students with dyslexia. 

District Maintenance Director David Inslee reported a few small additions to the high school and middle school that would increase safety at sporting events, such as putting mats on the walls of the high school gym during wrestling season. 

A wrap up of the fall activities was presented by middle school and high school activities directors Ron Hill and David Swank. At the middle school, Hill reported that 68% of 7th graders and 78% of 8th graders were involved in at least one fall activity. Swank reported that 50% of high school students were involved in fall athletics, and 75% of students were involved in at least one fall activity, not necessarily athletics. Swank also reported that 36 high school athletes would attend a sports leadership conference on Friday, Nov. 15. 

Some members of the Board will attend the KASB (Kansas Association of School Boards) Annual Conference on Dec. 6-8 at the Century II Convention Center in Wichita.