Deer vs. vehicle accidents are common this time of year but Thursday, Nov. 11 was particularly active with four accidents reported in 10 hours in Pratt County.
Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White said no one was injured in any of the accidents. The first accident was reported at 6:59 a.m. at SE 100th Avenue and about five and a half miles south of Cairo on the blacktop.
A couple of hours later another accident was reported at 9:15 a.m. at 10161 Country Club Road. Then there was break of about 7 hours before the next accident occurred at 4:07 p.m. on South U.S. Highway 281 just past 20th Street south of Pratt. These two accidents occurred about two miles apart.
Helen Huck, Caldwell, hit a six-point buck on S. Hwy. 281 and it took out her radiator. At the scene of the accident she said she never saw the deer coming until to hit high on her front end, rolled over the top of her car and disappeared into the west ditch. She was able to drive the car from the scene later but the buck was found dead approximately 50 yards from the highway.
Just 50 minutes after county deputies worked the S. Highway 281 deer accident, another strike was reported at 70382 SW 90th Street, about two miles west of Coats, with no damage to the vehicle, White said.
All these accidents occurred in the southern part of the county. But Sheriff White said that drivers in all parts of the county should be alert at all times for deer but especially around sunrise and sunset during the ongoing rut season.