Ramon Tapia will be selling his special homemade salsa Saturday in Pratt at the 23rd annual Dancaster's Craft Fair, Pratt Municipal Building.

It's salsa with a kick. Ramon Tapia's homemade salsa recipe has a range of "hot" varieties from mild to hot to extra hot and, upon request, extra extra extra hot, said Anita Rojas who worked for Tapia for 12 years at Ramon's restaurant.
The restaurant played a big part in keeping the salsa tradition alive. He made the salsa from his own recipe and customers liked it a lot. Tapia ran Ramon's Restaurant for 25 years, closing in 2012.
After the restaurant closed, his customers said they missed the salsa so Tapia decided to continue to make it.
"I like to cook. It's a hobby. It gives me something to do,"
Tapia makes 10 quarts of salsa at a time and it takes from two to three hours to make a batch. The basic recipe is the same for all "hot" levels with the only difference being the amount of jalapeno peppers he adds to the mix, Tapia said.
Tapia has the salsa available for sale year round at Home Lumber, where he works, and at Dancaster's Arts and Crafts Show. The show will be Saturday, Nov. 30 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Municipal Building in downtown Pratt.
Rojas said anyone wanting some of the famous salsa should make their purchase early because they tend to sell out.
"It's a 'hot' commodity," Rojas said.
Rojas said the salsa makes a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. Salsa is $10 a quart or $5 a pint.
Ramon's Restaurant was located at 806 West First in Pratt. The Donut Palace is now located at that address.