Heating and air conditioning plus more square footage makes the landfill a better place to work for employees.

Better working conditions are on the horizon for the staff at the Pratt County Landfill. A new scale house is in place and work is ongoing to finish the interior of the structure, said Jason Winkel, county landfill manager.
While work is completed on the new scale house, staff will continue to use a temporary structure to process weight tickets. Once the new house is complete, the temporary structure will be removed and the temporary pad will be removed so the area on the south side of the scale will look as it did before the change took place, Winkel said.
The new scale house will have more square footage, be fully insulated, have heating and air conditioning and will be as energy efficient as possible, Winkel said.
Other new equipment is on the way for another Pratt County department. The Pratt County Commissioners have approved a bid of $139,573 from Lanterman Motors for a 2019 Ford F 550 service pickup for use by the county road and bridge department. The pickup has a crane and other necessary service items already installed.
Coming for the county sandpit is a sand-shaker screen used to sort out different sized gravel, said Pratt County Clerk Sherry Kruse.
Commissioners approved a bid of $244,275 from Power Screen Center of Kansas City for the new equipment.
The public is invited to attend a Planning and Zoning meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 16 for a discussion on a proposed 260 feet tall AT&T communications tower that will be located east of the Pratt Regional Airport. The meeting will take place in the Stanion Room in the basement of Pratt Regional Medical Center. The discussion will focus on height of the tower and interference with plane traffic.
The Federal Aviation Administration has already approved the tower. But communication tower height is set locally by the Planning and Zoning Board. That height is set at 200 feet, said Tim Branscom, Planning and Zoning administrator.
Branscom has been in contact with the FAA and they want a variance so they can erect a communications tower at NE 70th Street and NE 10th Avenue.
On the Planning and Zoning Board, members Ross Schiffelbein, Weston Winfrey and Jason Griffith have all agreed to serve another term.
On the Local Emergency Planning committee, officers for the next year are Chair Sherry Bessor, Vice Chair Ryan Lunt and Secretary Darcie VanDerVyver, who is also director of Public Health.
Commissioners approved a $1,658 bid from Pratt Auto Service for repairs to the Health Department 2008 Uplander van.
Robert Torres, county noxious weed and environmental services supervisor, said the state had returned the submitted county environmental code with some corrections. Those corrections have been made and the code is now ready for a focus group to review the code for its final form that will be completed early in 2020.
Pratt County Counselor Tyson Eisenhauer said his office had received 30 responses to his letter on impending foreclosures. Approximately 100 foreclosure letters have been sent.