Parents had an opportunity to play basketball against their children in preseason alumni vs. student-athletes games last week at Pratt Skyline.

The Skyline boys and girls basketball teams got to show off their skills and have some fun as they took part in their winter sports showcase at Skyline on Dec. 3.
All players got court time against alumni has-beens who showed they still had a few moves and could score. There were a couple of father/son match-ups as well as a mother/daughter pair who had a lot of fun during the game.
The team members on each bench cheered enthusiastically for big plays. While this was a fun time, it did give all players some floor time and a chance for coaches to evaluate which players might be leading the team during the upcoming season.
“We played fast and moved the ball well. The guys had a good time playing against some of their fathers and teachers,” said boys coach Kenny Eddy. “Trent and Tyler Wray matched up for a large part of the night. It’s always a good thing when we can get people in the building watching basketball.”
“It was fun seeing the alumni and current athletes share the floor together, especially a few that were mother/daughter combinations,” said girls coach Morgan Ballard. “We have a very great opportunity to make positive strides this season. Our entire focus through the first part of the year has to be committing to the little things in the game: getting every loose ball, taking charges, being in the correct defensive position, knowing how we want to score the ball in our offensive sets, communication, valuing the basketball, things that each team has the opportunity to control night in and night out, but only the elite seem to commit to those things 100 percent of the time. I’m excited to see the growth we make as players and people throughout the season, and hopefully we see very noticeable gains by March.”
In games played Dec. 6 against Kiowa County, the boys won 60-49 while the girls took a loss 41-62. Steve Fisher with 20 points and Sam Fisher with 12 points led the boys scoring while Kady Anschutz led all girls with 12 points.