PITTSBURG — Two words, “Be Kind.”

These words were printed by Frontenac School District’s Raider INK on over a thousand shirts to spread kindness. These shirts were then donated to each elementary school in the Pittsburg Community School District.

″‘Be kind’ is just something that everybody should be toward each other no matter who you are,” Raider INK student Ashley Lovell said, “to just be kind to everybody because you don’t know what people are going through, so just being kind to somebody could change their emotion towards that day.”

Her classmates Ryan Raio and Jayden Duff agreed.

“For some people, I feel like it’s [the t-shirt] a physical reminder, even if you are having a really bad day sometimes just the smallest act of kindness can make you feel better,” Jaden said, “and I feel like it should be everyone’s daily attitude or goal to just be nice to everyone because like Ashley said, you don’t know what anybody is going through and if you’re rude to them it could just make them feel worse.”

On Friday, the students, along with their teacher Eric Gudde, distributed the shirts at Lakeside Elementary.

Lakeside Counselor Melinda DeGruson applauded the students hard work and said the connection with Frontenac schools opens the door to “limitless” opportunities.

“They worked so hard,” she said. “We’ve been excited for it all to start.”

The “Be Kind” shirts will be worn Monday at Lakeside by both students and staff.

“On multiple levels this initiative has such an impact for you high school students and for what you’re doing as well as for the recipients of the shirts,” Lakeside Principal Rhonda White said to the Raider INK students. “Learning to receive things and accept things from others and then you kind of alluded to this before, the domino effect it starts when somebody is kind ... on multiple levels for these kids, what an experience you are providing for them.”

This isn’t the first time Raider INK has partnered with USD250. The group has helped Westside Elementary students get new shoes and with that connection, they decided why not share kindness to all of the USD250 elementary schools?

“There’s no boundaries,” Gudde said. “Somebody asked why we were doing this and how the community is going to perceive it, ‘Why can’t this or that?’

“There really is no this or that, we’re all in it together, we’re here for kids, we’re here to help people, we’re here to be kind.

“That’s how I think people need to perceive other people, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re going, we’re all people.”