Rosanne Sullivan, 87, Andover, had Pratt and Cunningham connections.

ANDOVER - Rosanne Sullivan (87) died peacefully in her sleep on Friday, January 8, 2021 after a lengthy battle with various health issues.  A recent heart attack on October 5, 2020 left her weak in physical strength but still strong of character as she attempted rehab and recovery. She had been living in Andover, Kansas (intermittently with family) for several years ... periodically returning to her quaint little home in Cunningham, Kansas during the "good times." When in Andover, the family dog "Balto" (a very large Husky/Malamute mix) would visit her bedside, at the end of each day, to do his part in lifting her spirits. While doctors saved her life after the significant heart attack, the toll this time was simply too much for her to conquer.

Rosanne was a retired federal employee working for the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) in Pratt, Kansas and Coldwater, Kansas for a total of 35 years. She had often shared the following comment ... "The hardest part of this job is telling area farmers that the rules have changed, with this new administration, so you must NOW follow these 'NEW rules' ... and do it immediately!" Rosanne was short in stature but "tall in voice" and played the roles of spark-plug, comforter and "cheerleader" ... whether she was dealing with a burly farmer, a struggling churchgoer or an obstinate son. Regardless of the situation she usually found a way to make things "right".

Rosanne was previously active in church, book club, The Cunningham Library, BPW and had served as a Lay Minister. Her early years found her teaching Sunday School, writing and coordinating church plays and running carnivals to raise money for needy children. She was a fanatical fan of The Cunningham Wildcats, Goddard Athletics, Maize South Athletics and above all "The Kansas Jayhawks"!  She was a writer of humorous year end Christmas letters, a fantastic cook (for church, home or special events) and above all else ... A single mom with the heart of a lion! Those who truly knew Rosanne will miss her dearly.

Posted online on January 14, 2021