We are fast removing Jesus and His commandments totally from our culture. The secular mainstream media is the leader in this. The media rejects/detests Christianity. In the secular media, there is only one “sin” — intolerance. If you view greed, infidelity, homosexual acts, abortion as sinful — you are intolerant. At the same time, liberals, and the liberal media in particular, can never be intolerant — how convenient.

Jesus set His law and commandments above political power and the government (this then is the source of the media’s hatred). Jesus taught love and forgiveness of your enemies. Jesus holds each of us accountable. He asks us to set aside glory on earth for heavenly glory. This was unheard of in a Roman society of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” We Christians must embrace love and forgiveness — exceeding everyone else in real charity and not just to other Christians. This alone will bring our society back to Jesus and His commandments.

A society void of Jesus has produced the intolerant Romans, Hitler, Stalin and Mao. My ancestors (the German Russians) were deported, executed and sentenced to labor camps by Stalin because of his desire for a society without Jesus.

Yes, the answer is Jesus. Tolerance will only come when we as a society once again accept Him and His teachings and reject our culture’s attempt to eliminate Him and His commandments.

Lawrence J. Reichert,