The verdict is in. We heard with our own ears Donald Trump bragging about groping women he didn’t know and telling Russian spies in the Oval Office that he fired FBI Director Comey to stifle the investigation into his campaign’s collusion with the Russians.

Now we hear from his own lips his high regard for the “good people” who want to make America into a new Nazi Germany with Donald Trump as “der Fuhrur,” oppressing, evicting or exterminating, all non-white citizens. Yet, unbelievably, mainstream Christians like Susan Brown, who in a recent HDN op-ed tried to explain why “believers” still support this despicable person as our nation’s leader and role-model, still think of him as a Godly person. Her judgmental presumption that the Democratic Party is anti-God is highly offensive to many liberal Christians.

Make no mistake, Jesus was a social and economic liberal. Conservatives like Ms. Brown use the sole issue of abortion policy as evidence of the righteousness of the Republican Party, whose policies make sure unwanted children get born, but after that, they’re on their own. If she would spend more time reading than thumping her Bible, she would find no references to abortion, but she would find a Savior who cares deeply about the children that are in this world, as well as the poor, the widows and the sick.

Any unbiased examination of policy would conclude the Democratic social welfare agenda, not the least of which was Obamacare, targets these individuals for assistance. And unlike when Jesus provided free food and healthcare to the oppressed, the assistance didn’t come with a condescending admonishment that their poverty was their fault or that they really should have been able to pay Him for His services. The 30 percent of Americans left supporting Trump are the racists and some mainstream Christians like Ms. Brown. Trump already has damaged the Republican Party for years.

If Christians continue to support this man whose favorite book of the Bible is Two Corinthians, the church will be similarly stigmatized. Trump is unfit to be president, and Christians are the last obstacle to replacing him with someone competent and more in line with American (and Christian) values.

I urge Christians supporting Trump to read One John 3:15-19 and think about what Jesus would do.

Gary Brinker,