There is much concern about chasing down the proper “eclipse glasses.” People who didn’t plan ahead are scrambling to find the ones that are approved and safe. There is something everyone should remember about this event.

Eclipses are slow phenomena. It will take nearly 90 minutes for the moon to cover the sun, then another 90 minutes for the moon to go away. Not every person in a group needs the eclipse shades. You can share. One person can take a look at the sun, (through the glasses), note its size and shape, then pass the glasses to the next person. Then a few minutes later, do it again. There will be plenty of time for everyone to see all they want to see.

Here in Hays at the peak of the event, the sun will be approximately 95 percent covered, but it is still important to protect your eyes. Even at that time, the light coming from the sun is intense enough to seriously damage eyes.

Good luck, good weather and good viewing.

Dean Stramel,

retired science reacher,